Hungarian NGO uses video to drive conversions by 180%

September 2019

NGOs are run like any other business. They have clear quarterly goals and are online fighting to grab the attention of their target audience. Hungarian Product Nonprofit Ltd. wanted to test whether online video could help them to increase their reach and conversions during its busy season.

The power of video to increase brand awareness has long been recognised. Its ability to also drive sales, however, is now being understood by a growing number of brands looking for new ways to maintain and increase impact on the bottom line.

Highly targeted and segmented audiences make it easier for marketers to reach and convert people with messages that are customised to interests and delivered at the right stage of the customer journey.

Hungarian Product Nonprofit Ltd. promotes goods produced locally in Hungary and provides labels to allow consumers to identify them easily. With over 4,000 products and 170 Hungarian companies using the local trademark, the NGO has experienced considerable success. Determined to continue to grow, the brand decided to test video’s ability to target audiences and turn views into conversions.

On target and on message

Working alongside iWebMa — its performance agency — the NGO wanted to attract Hungarian companies to use its trademark, increase brand awareness and drive sales for those companies. More specifically, the nonprofit wanted to increase the number of AP code uploads, registrations and coupon downloads during its annual customer campaign.

The teams analysed conversion data from the previous year to get a better understanding of its target

Time was also off essence. It’s busy season was autumn and winter when it pushed locally produced products in the run up to the Holiday season. Using Google Analytics the teams analysed conversion data from the previous year to get a better understanding of its target audiences and created affinity and custom audiences. The brand then used YouTube’s TrueView for Action to target viewers with clear Call to Action.

“Custom Audiences in Google Ads is a powerful tool in digital campaigns,” says Éva Vajda, CEO of iWebMa Agency. “Audience targeting is already a must-have to deliver results for our clients and will become even more dominant in the near future.”

Applying best practice approaches like headline text overlays and front loading the story, drove customers to explore the trademarked products and raise valuable actions. This all led to a higher conversion rate. Their efforts paid off. Year on Year, goal completion rates increased by 432%, driving conversions and conversion value by 180% and 685%, respectively. uses YouTube for Action to reach audiences and boost conversions