Performance Ads on YouTube: How AutoDoc grew sales with video

March 2019

About AutoDoc

Online auto parts store

Founded in 2008


Drive sales

Grow YouTube audience



Test performance of TrueView ads

Optimise and scale to new markets


15% lower CPA compared to TrueView Shopping campaigns

44% higher conversion rate than TrueView Shopping campaigns

Scaled campaigns in EMEA markets

AutoDoc, an ecommerce store for auto parts, wanted to explore YouTube’s potential for performance driven campaigns. Using TrueView for Action, the marketing team began testing the platform’s full-funnel impact.

AutoDoc is one of Europe’s leading online stores for auto parts. As performance marketers they are constantly looking for ways to create campaigns that drive concrete business results.

AutoDoc had perceived YouTube as a channel for brand building and growing awareness, but positive organic signals prompted the marketing team to take a closer look at its potential for generating website actions.

AutoDoc worked together with Google on measurement solutions for YouTube and targeting configuration that would reach the viewers who were more likely to convert.. Establishing the right KPIs from the get-go is crucial for measuring a campaign’s success — YouTube’s action KPIs include click, calls, sign-ups and sales.

The team began by testing TrueView for Action in one of its key markets. The format drives leads and conversions with prominent CTAs and headline text overlaid on video ads. Viewers are encouraged to click through to the website.

The ads drove 44% more conversions at a 15% lower CPA than TrueView Shopping ads. AutoDoc was so pleased with the results that it decided to 10X its investment in video advertising, scale the use of TrueView for Action across EMEA and explore the potential of TrueView for Shopping.

Now more than ever, agencies and brands are under increasing pressure to create campaigns with full-funnel impact, from reach and awareness to website conversions. While YouTube hasn’t traditionally been looked upon by marketers as a go-to channel for driving action — things have changed. As video continues to grow, marketers are turning to platforms where they can reach viewers and effectively drive and measure business results.

“We are very happy with TrueView for Action campaigns. In the future we would love for Display and YouTube to have DDA attribution.”

– Dmitry Shostak, Senior Digital Marketing Manager

AutoDoc drives down CPA by 289% and doubles conversions with Universal App Campaigns for Action