Similar Audiences with Dynamic Display Ads propel sales and ROI for ZOOT

January 2018

ZOOT is an innovative clothing retailer that’s been successfully using remarketing campaigns to drive sales among website visitors. The next step in their strategy was finding new ways to build incremental traffic while improving the ROI effectiveness of their prospecting campaigns. With these aims in mind, ZOOT implemented a campaign targeting Similar Audiences with Dynamic Display Ads.

About ZOOT

Clothing retailer

Headquarters in Prague, Czech Republic


Find incremental traffic

Improve ROI effectiveness of prospecting campaigns


Implemented Dynamic Display Ads

Targeted Similar Audiences


3X higher click-through rate than other display campaigns using Similar Audiences

2X better return on investment than other prospecting display campaigns

New sessions made up 63% of campaign traffic

Similar Audiences worked by extending the brand’s reach to new prospective audiences, targeting users with the same characteristics as consumers who had previously converted or visited a product detail page on the ZOOT website.

Meanwhile, Dynamic Display Ads used the power of Google’s recommendation engine to show ads featuring specific products from ZOOT’s product feed that were likely to drive the highest sales.

The campaign produced triple the click-through rate of campaigns using Similar Audiences with static display ads, and doubled the return on investment of other prospecting display campaigns. It successfully drove new users to the website who had never previously visited – 63% of the traffic coming from this campaign was new sessions.

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