YouTube and Google Display Network remarketing drive sales for CarPrice

September 2017 is the biggest used car auction site in Russia. It works by offering an online evaluation of cars that owners are looking to sell. If the price is attractive, the owner can schedule a technical evaluation at a CarPrice inspection point. Once the inspection and photography are done, more than 20 thousand dealers across Russia then bid for the car online. Attracting new sellers to the platform is vital for the business to continue and thrive.

About CarPrice

Founded in 2014

Headquarters in Moscow

Rundown Goals

Build brand awareness among potential CarPrice customers

Increase volume of used car sales in CarPrice’s online auction

Rundown Approach

Launched YouTube TrueView campaign

Launched display campaign on Google Display Network

Targeted in-market audience of those buying new cars

Targeted lookalike audiences to reach people likely to want to sell a car

Used display remarketing to extend offers to interested users

Rundown Results

Volume of car sale signups from Google ads increased by 56%

As an industry innovator, CarPrice worked with Google to run a digital campaign focused around two objectives: building brand awareness among potential CarPrice customers on YouTube and generating hot leads on the Google Display Network by using intelligent targeting. 

The team launched a video campaign on YouTube to reach car owners looking to sell their cars, communicate CarPrice’s competitive advantages and stimulate visits to the CarPrice website. The campaign combined targeting strategies for both lower-funnel audiences (similar to display campaign) as well as upper-funnel audiences (people who view automotive content on YouTube and the auto enthusiast segment made up of those who consistently demonstrate an interest in cars).

CarPrice also initiated a display campaign on the Google Display Network aiming to drive new signups for car sales among used car owners interested in selling their cars. To identify potential CarPrice customers, CarPrice used lower-funnel audience targeting including in-market audiences for new cars, assuming that these users might want to sell their existing car before buying a new one. They also targeted lookalike audiences made up of users who had displayed behaviours similar to those who had already signed up to sell a car through CarPrice.

By using AdWords conversion measurement, CarPrice monitored direct website visits, offline visit signups and delayed site visits and signups made within the 30 days after users watched a CarPrice video ad. This enabled the team to see a broader picture and optimise their AdWords campaign not only for direct responses but also for postponed actions.

To further increase website visits and sale signups, they also launched a display remarketing campaign. They first identified the audience of users who watched the video ad until the end without skipping, then served ads to these users that featured a special offer.

As a result of these approaches, the volume of car sale signups from Google ads increased by 56%. Having proven the effectiveness of Google solutions, CarPrice is now running their YouTube and Google Display Network campaigns in always-on mode.

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