Hollard Group’s Optimisations Reduce Cost per Acquisition on Mobile

The privately owned Hollard Group sells short-term car and household insurance, long-term life and funeral insurance, commercial insurance and investment products. The company observed that more traffic was coming from mobile devices than ever before and that query trend growth across mobile was shifting dramatically. But with more than half of traffic coming from mobile, desktop still continued to outperform mobile.

About Hollard Group
Privately owned insurance group
Founded in 1980
Headquarters in Johannesburg, South Africa
Rundown Goals
Improve mobile performance
Rundown Approach
Enabled mobile bid adjustments across campaigns
Optimised towards top slot impressions
Rundown Results
18% increase in mobile conversion share (share of total account conversions)
22% decrease in mobile cost per acquisition
21% decrease in overall search cost per acquisition

To address the issue, Reprise Media and their Google support team began by looking at their top slot positions across mobile and desktop. On average, mobile had a 60% top slot rate, so the team decided to test whether a 90% rate would lead to performance gains on mobile.

To put this into action, they enabled various mobile bid adjustments across their campaigns, all aiming to achieve more top slot impressions in the auction. By increasing their average mobile ad position, they were able to acquire more clicks and increase the overall conversion numbers at a lower cost per acquisition. 

Thanks to their savvy bid adjustments, Hollard Group produced an 18% increase in mobile conversion share (share of total account conversions), 22% decrease in mobile cost per acquisition and 21% decrease in overall search cost per acquisition. “What surprised us most was how cost effective mobile costs per acquisition could be, as well as the fact that we were able to drive so much additional traffic to our website”, Joanna Mondon, Head of Digital Marketing says. 

When it comes to future plans for marketing on mobile, Hollard Group plans to test mobile remarketing, using YouTube bumper ads to boost mobile awareness, dynamically customising ad copy to the user's device and optimising the mobile user experience.


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