User experience improvements give CarFlexi’s mobile ROI a 45% boost

CarFlexi’s design and marketing teams wanted to cut the bounce rates and grow the conversion rate of the brand’s website on mobile. They joined forces with Google user experience specialists to conduct an in-depth analysis of how users behaved when interacting with CarFlexi’s mobile site.

About CarFlexi
Broker agency offering multiple car rental solutions worldwide
Headquarters in Zug, Switzerland
Improve mobile user experience
Increase conversion rates on mobile
Conducted detailed analysis of existing mobile assets
Identified and executed user experience improvements
45% uplift in mobile return on investment
10% growth in mobile revenue

Based on Google Analytics data and usability research, the findings were discussed at a mobile user experience lab. Attended by CarFlexi’s marketing, design engineering teams and the CEO, the workshop generated 15 suggested user experience improvements.

Regular calls between a Google user experience specialist and CarFlexi ensured the in-house team had access to advice, best practice and support during the process of implementing the changes. After six months, Google and CarFlexi evaluated the results using Google Analytics.

Looking specifically at the homepage, the changes increased user engagement significantly, demonstrated by an 8.6% drop in bounce rate, 15% increase in average visit duration and 31% uplift in click-through rate. Changes on product listing pages meanwhile led to a 31% click-through rate increase and 24% exit rate decrease. Overall, the changes across the site produced to a 10% increase in revenue and 45% increase in return on investment.

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