The most popular YouTube ad in Poland in 2017 is the official music video to the song Nieboskłon (Horizon) by Żywiec, featuring popular Polish singers Tomasz Organek, Monika Brodka and Piotr Rogucki and promoting Żywiec Męskie Granie Orkiestra 2017. Second place goes to Play and Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy WOŚP (‘The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity GOCC’) for its music video “Stary Człowiek i Może” (“The Old Man and He Can”) created by one of the Polish YouTubers to celebrate the 25th Grand Finale of WOŚP and to support the seniors. In third place, we have ING Bank Ślaski’s new campaign #weekendING which is addressed to young people and introduces the way to freely transfer money to a phone number even at weekends. Coca-Cola with its Christmas music video ‘Coraz bliżej Święta | #Dziekuje’ (‘Holidays are coming’ | #ThankYou’) featuring a Polish singer, Cleo, who promotes Coca-Cola as a perfect drink for the holiday season, takes the fourth place. In the fifth place, we can find Biedronka and the second episode of its promotional initiative encouraging children to eat more fruit and vegetables by rewarding them with the newest toys from “Gang Świeżaków 2”, a collection of fruit- and veggie-shaped plushies. Spot number six goes to one of Allegro’s “Czego szukasz?” (what are you looking for?) ads. This time the video tells a touching story of a girl and her mother and their preparation for a school costume party. The seventh ad on the list promotes Hatchimals, interactive eggs from which, if taken care of properly, a nice plush animal hatches and becomes an interactive toy for kids: it talks, dances, sings and responds to the touch. Allegro and its “Czego szukasz?” (what are you looking for?) ads appears again to take the eighth and ninth places for the Christmas ad referring to the magic of sharing with others and for the touching story of a boy’s lemonade stand. Finally, we have Coca-Cola ad featuring Polish YouTubers, who promote the Coca-Cola drink.

Męskie Granie. 2017. Męskie Granie Orkiestra – Nieboskłon

Brand Żywiec Creative Agency VML Media Agency SMG

Obejrzyj wyjątkowy teledysk i wesprzyj z nami 25. Finał WOŚP!

Brand Play Creative Agency Człowiek Warga twórca kanału Z Dupy, R.A.U Media Agency MediaCom

Poznaj historię Stefana #weekending

Brand ING Bank Śląski Creative Agency Gong Media Agency MullenLowe

CLEO - Coraz bliżej Święta | #Dziekuje

Brand Coca-Cola Polska Creative Agency Coca-Cola Poland Services Media Agency MediaCom

Gang Świeżaków 2

Brand Biedronka Creative Agency Duda Polska Media Agency MEC

To czego szukasz, jest bardzo blisko... | Bal

Brand Allegro Creative Agency Agencja Bardzo Media Agency Zakup mediów: Allegro

Jajka Hatchimals UNBOXING Open BOX

Brand Hatchimals Polska Creative Agency TalentMedia Media Agency TalentMedia

Podziel się tym, co masz cennego | Czego szukasz? | Talizman

Brand Allegro Creative Agency Agencja Bardzo Media Agency Zakup mediów: Allegro

Wyciśnij z życia jak najwięcej...| Lemoniada

Brand Allegro Creative Agency Agencja Bardzo Media Agency Zakup mediów: Allegro

Historia pewnej miłości… | Maffashion i Czarek z Abstrachuje.TV #TasteTheFeeling

Brand Coca-Cola Polska Creative Agency MediaCom Beyond Advertising Media Agency MediaCom

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