First place on the list of most popular YouTube ads for December goes to a very touching Christmas video by Allegro called “Czego szukasz w Święta? | English for beginners”, which came in second place last month. If you missed this story about an elderly Polish gentleman who enthusiastically sets about learning English, we strongly encourage you to watch it – especially for its unexpected and heart-warming ending. Second place goes to another video by Allegro called “Jaga”. It’s a part of the “Polish Legends” series of videos and is directed by Tomasz Bagiński. It’s a modern take on the classic “Baba Yaga” folktale and features some great slow-motion combat scenes. Third place goes to an ad by Coca-Cola. It shows YouTubers celebrating during the Christmas season and how it’s Coca-Cola that brings them all together. Coming in fourth place this month is another video from the “Polish Legends” series called “Bazyliszek” (The Basilisk), which came in first place last month. It tells the story of a fight between some fishermen and a legendary creature with the power to turn people to stone. Fifth place goes to a video by Studio Tymbark in which YouTubers were divided into teams that took part in a hugging competition in support of the “Szlachetna paczka” (Noble Box) charity. Enjoy!

Czego szukasz w Święta? | English for beginners

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Legendy Polskie. Film Jaga. Allegro

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Świąteczne ciężarówki Coca-Cola i Youtuberzy 2016 | #PodarujRadosc

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Legendy Polskie. Film Operacja Bazyliszek. Allegro

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RAZEM POMAGAMY - Daj Coś Od Siebie !!! | Studio Tymbark #39

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