At the top of the ad leaderboard in December we can find Coca-Cola with its Christmas music video ‘Coraz bliżej Święta | #Dziekuje’ (‘Holidays are coming’ | #ThankYou’) featuring a Polish singer, Cleo, who promotes Coca-Cola as a perfect drink during the holiday season. In second place we have the fifth episode of Studio Konesera series, ‘Święty Mikołaj’ (‘Santa Claus’) by Samsung, presenting its QLED TV as the best family Christmas gift. The third ad on the list belongs to the last month’s winner, Allegro, and its Christmas ad ‘Podziel się tym, co masz cennego | Czego szukasz? | Talizman’ (‘Share what you have valuable | What are you looking for | Talisman’) referring to the magic of sharing with others. Fourth place goes to the special Christmas episode of Blogmakijaż by Sephora (‘Blogmakeup by Sephora’) giving inspiration about perfect Christmas gifts. Last but not least, in the fifth place, there is Audi Polska with the new innovative and high-tech features Audi A8 ad.

CLEO - Coraz bliżej Święta | #Dziekuje

Brand Coca-Cola Polska Creative Agency Coca-Cola Poland Services Media Agency MediaCom

Samsung QLED TV | STUDIO KONESERA | odcinek 5: Święty Mikołaj

Brand Samsung Polska Creative Agency VML Media Agency SMG

Podziel się tym, co masz cennego | Czego szukasz? | Talizman

Brand Allegro Creative Agency Agencja Bardzo Media Agency Zakup mediów: Allegro


Brand Sephora Creative Agency K2 Media Media Agency TalentMedia

Dziedzictwo Striełki. Technologia jazdy autonomicznej Audi.

Brand Audi Polska Media Agency PHD Media Direction

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