First place on February’s list of the most popular Youtube Ads goes to Coca Cola for giving us a glimpse into the love story of Czarek Jóźwik (Abstrachuje) and Julia Kuczyńska (Maffashion). Coming in second place this month is the first episode of the Samsung Youtube series, ‘Klub Konesera’ (Connoisseur’s Club), in which the show’s host and footballer Grzegorz Krychowiak critique a cat video. In third place is a clever Valentine’s Day video by the Discovery Channel, starring Marek and Edek from the popular show ‘Złomowisko PL’ (The Scrapyard PL). In fourth place is Huawei and its Fingerprint Scanner ad – simple, colourful and fun. Finally, in fifth place is a video by, giving you one more reason to search for a new job because of your particularly eccentric employer.

Historia pewnej miłości… | Maffashion i Czarek z Abstrachuje.TV #TasteTheFeeling

Brand Coca-Cola Creative Agency MediaCom Beyond Advertising Media Agency MediaCom

STUDIO KONESERA odc. 1: Grzegorz Krychowiak

Brand Samsung Creative Agency VML Media Agency Starcom

Walentynki w Złomowisku PL

Brand Discovery Channel Creative Agency Starcom

Huawei #Handible Fingerprint scanner - Animals

Brand Huawei Creative Agency DDB&tribal Media Agency Performance Media

Sprawdź, czy nie szukasz - guru

Brand Creative Agency Scholz & Friends Warszawa Media Agency K2 Media

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