The most popular Youtube ad in Poland for March 2017 is part of Allegro’s “To Czego Szukasz” (What You’re Looking For) campaign. It takes us through the emotional journey of a stressed mum trying to find the perfect costume for her daughter. Both second place and third place this month go to videos by Biedronka from their “Super Zwierzęta” (Super Animals) campaign; a promotional initiative encouraging children to eat more fruit and veg. In fourth place is a video by Samsung in which they show us how the Galaxy S8 is challenging our idea of what a phone should look like. Finally, in fifth place, Paweł Małecki from Kuchnia Lidla (Lidl’s Kitchen) shows us the recipe for jellies.

To czego szukasz, jest bardzo blisko...

Brand Allegro Creative Agency Bardzo Media Agency Allegro

Dzika przygoda z kartą Moja Biedronka!

Brand Biedronka Creative Agency Duda Polska Media Agency MEC

Akcja Super Zwierzaki w Biedronce!

Brand Biedronka Creative Agency Duda Polska Media Agency MEC

This is a phone

Brand Samsung Creative Agency Starcom UK

ŻELKI pomarańczowo-marchewkowe | Paweł Małecki & Kuchnia Lidla

Brand Lidl Creative Agency GPD Advertising Media Agency Performance Media

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