This month’s winner is Allegro and it’s christmas ad ‘Podziel się tym, co masz cennego | Czego szukasz? | Talizman’ (‘Share what you have valuable | What are you looking for | Talisman’). The spot refers to the magic of sharing with others. Second place belongs to Hatchimals, interactive eggs from which, after proper care, a nice plush animal hatches and becomes an interactive toy for kids: talks, dances, sings and responds to the touch. In third place we have Tomasz Oświęcimski with and his golden rules for training and diet plans. Fourth place goes to Biedronka for its second episode of promotional initiative encouraging children to eat more fruit and vegetables by rewarding them with the newest toys from “Gang Świeżaków 2”, a collection of fruit- and veggie-shaped plushies. Finally, in fifth place, there is a teaser campaign ‘Rodzina oddano - #1 Pora-chunki’ featuring Tomasz Oświęcimski and Andrzej Grabowski, promoting new app “BeamUp”.

Podziel się tym, co masz cennego | Czego szukasz? | Talizman

Brand Allegro Creative Agency Bardzo Media Agency zakup mediów: Allegro

Jajka Hatchimals UNBOXING Open BOX

Brand Hatchimals Polska Creative Agency TalentMedia Media Agency TalentMedia

Tomasz Oświeciński i jego akcja z

Brand Media Agency HF Media

Gang Świeżaków 2

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Brand Rodzina Oddano Media Agency We Love Digital

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