In the third quarter a new star was born on YouTube: #bebebine from OLX. He is the #finebaby, talented and charismatic, who sings hip hop to all the mothers and invites them to win an allowance for their baby on OLX. #bebebine can become a new famous character in Romanian advertising, people are talking about him and most of them are his fans. Saatchi & Saatchi + The Geeks created the concept and the video is reaching 5M views soon, with increasing traffic coming from Home page browsing, suggested videos and YouTube search, after the first weeks of advertising. This is our number 1 for Q3; #bebebine sings in Romanian but he is worth watching even without understanding the lyrics. Number two talks also about babies, but in a classic manner this time: gums problems and treatment. Number three is held by Penny and its new series concept "of Romania". This one, "Summer of Romania", is one of the promoted videos, starring the TV star Cabral, who is presenting the show "What Romanians Are Saying", witch is also part of the whole campaign, Penny being a sponsor. Just below Penny comes Lidl, but it's not about products and retail. It's the fifth year when Lidl together with Romanian Police partner for a campaign targeting kids with traffic education messages. The animated clip is inviting kids in Lidl parking lots offering them free traffic lessons. Why music is important in video advertising? Because studies have shown people recall the ads better when they like the music. Vodafone ad "Vodafone Pass is Here" seems to be customized for YouTube: use of a powerful song, perfect cuts. Number five in YouTube Ads Leaderboard for Q3 proves that online users are active, they engage with advertising and they are searching info on Youtube - this video has lots of comments and many views coming from users who wanted to know what is the amazing song used - Imagine Dragons, "Believer". The last half of the Top is about products: Mirinda is bringing a new drink born online (Pineapple Mirinda) plus two thirsty vloggers, Orange comes with a basic animated video for 20 years anniversary offers, Oriflame promoted a make up tutorial and Bioderma uses an international creative with nice visual effects at the beginning and tutorial content in the second part. - Indemnizatia de #bebebine

Brand OLX

Vară de România

Brand Penny

Verde la Educatie pentru Circulatie - Sambata, 30 septembrie, ora 11.0

Brand Lidl

Vodafone Pass e aici

Brand Vodafone

Bea si tu Mirinda Ananas, prima bautura nascuta pe net!

Brand Mirinda

Activează Bonusul Aniversar 20 Ani - 20 GB/lună | Orange

Brand Orange

Machiaj lejer de plajă/ piscină | Tutorial feat. Alina Eremia

Brand Oriflame

Tutorial aplicare Photoderm NUDE Touch SPF 50+

Brand Bioderma

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