The Guardian builds lasting relationships by understanding mobile users

The Guardian saw a transition of its audience to mobile platforms and realised that users consumed more content and spent more time engaging on apps than on the web. With this audience 10 to 20 times more valuable than average web users, it made sense to invest in developing apps with native features for mobile, including personalisation and notifications. Feedback from reviews on Google Play enable the brand to continuously improve the product.

Developed native apps with features not available on mobile web
Used Android Wear integration to enable app notifications
Enhanced personalisation capabilities on homepage
Applied feedback from Google Play and Android beta programme to refine product
Improve user experience and content relevance
Increase engagement and drive habitual use of app
Gain user insights to drive strategic decisions about product development and international growth
Increased app rating from 4.0 to 4.4 in Google Play Store
Achieved 90% op-in rate for app notifications
Mobile and Android spearheaded growth in both emerging and developed markets
Having engaged users is critically important. In fact, in many ways it's more important than just having a large number of users.


- Anthony Sullivan, Director of Product, The Guardian

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