With Google, Runtastic kickstarts a journey of international expansion

Encompassing more than 15 apps for Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry, Runtastic is a digital fitness community that launched five years ago in Austria. To improve user experience and product reliability, the company grasped the importance of managing all advertising from a single platform. Runtastic turned to Google products to monetise the portfolio, gain massive reach and simplify procedures to free up capacity for strategic priorities.

Selected DoubleClick for Publishers as the single platform for all apps, including both iOS and Android
Integrated DoubleClick for Publishers into one app first, then rapidly scaled to all other apps
Reinvested revenues from advertising into app promotion to further drive reach and international coverage
Improve app stability and user experience
Effectively monetise apps across different platforms
Increase reach and grow new audiences
Improved app stability
Seamlessly integrated more than 15 apps on both iOS and Android in just three months
Grew revenue by 200% in 2014
Produced significant time savings, particularly for the development team
I don't think our success over the last five years would have been possible without a partner like Google; it's one of our main channels for gaining reach and monetizing, and it's part of our medium and long-term strategies.

- Florian Gschwandtner, CEO and Co-founder, Runtastic

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