Carphone Warehouse prove that search delivers three in-store sales for every one online

Establishing an accurate relationship between on-line marketing spend and off-line sales in-store has been notoriously difficult. Carphone Warehourse realised that understanding this was crucial. Working with Google, regression analysis on 2+ years of search and other media spend matched with sales data showed that search drove 3 sales in-store for every 1 sale online. This breakthrough means more effective allocation of marketing budget and ads appearing in the right time and place in the consumer journey.

Partnered with Google
Regression analysis of 2+ years of search and other media spend referenced to sales data
Use of industry benchmark data
Quantify the relationship between online search advertising spend and offline in-store purchases
Improve the effectiveness of media spend allocation
Search delivered three sales off-line in-store for every one sale online
Insights on when and where advertising works best in consumer journey
Better allocation of marketing spend on desktop and mobile
The results were awesome. It gives us lots more confidence internally when we are having conversations


- Matt Turner, Head of Digital Marketing, Carphone Warehouse

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