Gillette wins with a digital-first approach for Gillette BODY

To create buzz around its latest product, Gillette BODY, Gillette targeted a rapidly expanding audience of body-grooming men. With a digital-first approach anchored by YouTube, the campaign drove awareness for Gillette BODY and delivered more than 500K clicks-to-buy.

Focused on digital and mobile to reach millennial males
Identified and optimised against top-performing geographics and demographics
Used TrueView in-stream and TrueView in-display ads
Launch Gillette BODY and create awareness around the new product
Drive sales for Gillette BODY
Delivered more than 500K clicks-to-buy and surpassed sales expectations by up to 4X across seven markets
"100 Years of Hair" garnered 13.5M views and gained 54M impressions
84% of viewers watched at least 85% of the ad
Gillette searches grew by 211% and clicks grew by 111% (biggest increase ever for the brand)
Durex creates global buzz and stimulates cultural conversation on YouTube