How three's #makeitright TV ad made it big on YouTube

Three, with their puppet hero Jackson, wanted to raise awareness of the #makeitright campaign and their brand. Working with the YouTube team from the outset, Three partnered with Mindshare and Wieden + Kennedy to develop a series of videos to complement the TV ad. Watch the video (above) to see how Google Preferred, TrueView and the latest techniques in remarketing achieved "mind-blowing" results to lift ad recall and brand search interest.

Google Preferred for high quality audience
TrueView skippable format to measure actual views
Re-marketing with additional "substantiating" videos
Raise awareness of #makeitright campaign
Increase interest in the Three brand
Provide extra reach to TV ad and encourage sharing
127% increase in ad recall
Top three spot in annual YouTube Ads Leaderboard
350% increase in search interest for product keywords
“There’s something of a myth that a TV ad can’t work on YouTube, it definitely can”


Emily Scovell, Business Director, Mindshare

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