George Clooney brings in over 50M views for Nespresso on YouTube!

Nepresso designed a YouTube campaign promoting its commitment to sustainability that was fronted by actors George Clooney and Matt Damon. The TrueView display campaign featured staggered launch dates per market, ring-fenced budgets and a variety of targeting strategies including demographic, run of site and sequential remarketing. Google, Nespresso and their agencies collaborated closely in order to enhance decision making and act quickly, which was critical to the campaign's success.

Orchestration through a centralised war room including client, agencies and Google
Innovative use of sequential remarketing to reach people who showed initial interest in the brand and talk to them about sustainability credentials
Build awareness of Nespresso's new George Clooney campaign
Build sustainability credentials for the Nespresso brand across the world
Over 50 million total views of the content
Over 10 million views of sustainability related content
View through rate doubled during the campaign, from less than 15% for the first George Clooney advert to close to 30% for the final sustainability video
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