Here’s what the UK’s loving on YouTube this week.


1. This week’s top trender is all about John Lewis’ ‘Moz the Monster’ and little Joe. Since their Christmas ad launched, we’ve seen all the merchandise too – Moz the Monster pjs, slippers, mugs, cuddly toys and a story book. Aaah, every home needs a Moz.

2. Following our ‘Creator Spotlight’ last week, British Vogue unveils another belter: “You know when you’re British when…” – quotes like “getting excited for the John Lewis Christmas ad” (Yaass, Moz), “a wicked sense of humour” and “saying sorry when it’s not even your fault” (–Sadiq Khan). And can we all take a moment to appreciate that Sadiq Khan is in a Vogue video?

3. Keeping to the ‘we’re proud to be British’ theme – that must include a ‘proper good chat’ about footy, with a ‘proper good player’ right? Soccer AM’s ‘Tubes’ quizzes Chelsea FC’s Eden Hazard on everything from the beautiful game, teammates, management, selfies to dance moves… in return, Hazard teaches Tubes how to dab. Cracking moves, lads.

4. This week, American rock folk band, Fall Out Boy, announced their UK tour and latest video ‘Hold Me Tight or Don’t’. We can’t decide what we love more; the viewers’ comments (a whopping 12,500 of them), the wardrobe choices, the characters (we’re sure we spotted Moz’s mate in there) or the weird and wonderful lyrics. Above all, it’ll get your foot tapping.

5. Another one for the music lovers: Clean Bandit takes on BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge and presents a genius mix of Sisqo’s classic ‘Thong Song’ with Dua Lipa’s super fresh ‘New Rules’ – along with the sweet sounds of violins and cellos. Watch this musical gem come to life in this video. So, so good. *Foot tapping now turns into full on grooves*