YouTube UK Re:View – A Royal Wedding! Prince Harry & Meghan Markle's Engagement

Here’s what the UK’s loving on YouTube this week.


1. While many hearts are breaking across the globe that Prince Harry has been snapped up, we couldn’t help but swoon watching HRH in his interview with fiancée, Meghan Markle. And whilst Theresa May & Sadiq Khan battle it out on whether we get a bank holiday (that’ll be the extra cream on the scone) we’ll have a celebratory cup of tea (or gin).

2. And whilst we’re on the subject of love... According to the Independent’s podcast ‘Millennial Love’, one of the most successful chat-up lines on dating apps is: ‘What’s your most used emoji?’. Who said romance was dead, eh. Meanwhile, E! News chats to hot-right-now boyband, BTS, about emojis across the pond at the 2017 AMAs.

3. Throwback: 1977 brought us so, so much. Epic scenes from Studio 54, a film based on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s biceps (no joke), flares, and hairstyles big enough to claim their own post codes. Creator Safiya Nygaard takes us on a trip down memory lane and styles up some awesome 70’s looks. Happy reminiscing/discovery, people.

4. ‘Santa’s Coming For Us’ (he sure is, and we’ve been extra good this year) – this music video by Sia is packed with festive delights including special guest stars, retro outfits (even Safiya Nygaard would be proud), a cocktail sausage tree (yeah, that happens) and overall, it’s jolly good fun. Press play and get into the Christmas spirit.

5. For football fans, Christmas might have just come early. Eric Cantona joins the FullTimeDEVILS (YouTube's largest football fan channel for Manchester United fans) for a little chat and tipple. He shares his memories of the club (when he joined 25yrs ago, woah) and talks about his latest book, ‘My Notebook’ (stocking filler, anyone?)

YouTube UK Re:View – We Want a Moz the Monster for Christmas