YouTube UK Re:View – And the Oscar goes to...

Here’s what the UK’s loving on YouTube this week.


1. An evening filled with great anticipation and ‘once in a lifetime’ special moments, the 90th Academy Awards will air on 4th March. To get you prepped, watch this week’s top trender, the ‘Oscars 2018: Nominations Announcement’. It’ll take you on a trip down memory lane as well as reveal this year’s exciting line-up. Who are you rooting for?

2. For all you passionate skiers, take a look at this. Candide Thovex, in partnership with Audi quattro, skied some of the world’s most magical wonders without a drop of snow in sight. One viewer commented: “I have never seen anything this mind blowing on YouTube!” – we’re inclined to agree. Experience some truly stunning cinematography. Candide for an Oscar?

3. A history lesson about the American revolution, narrated by hip-hop and RnB songs – sounds too good to be true, right? We’re talking about ‘Hamilton: An American Musical’, the latest sell-out to hit London’s West End. Whilst we eagerly study history and try to get tickets – the genius behind it, Lin-Manuel Miranda, drops the latest music video from ‘The Hamilton Mixtape’ album.

4. Just as we’re coming back down off cloud nine after Prince Harry & Meghan Markle’s engagement, another one of our nation’s sweethearts goes and pops the question – to his childhood sweetheart. Huge congrats to Ed Sheeran and to his lovely lady friend, Cherry Seaborn. Ed revealed that their ‘cats are chuffed as well’. Aww, sweet. This has got us feeling like smitten kittens too.

5. From Ed to Enrique. Last week, Enrique Iglesias announced he became a father of twins with Anna Kournikova (for those who loved them back in the noughties, they’ve been together 16yrs – bet that made you blink twice) along with a musical comeback with his racy, ‘EL BAÑO ft. Bad Bunny’. Our favourite part of the video? Guest star Eric Roberts serving up rum on the rocks.

One to watch: The School of Life

What Is the Sunday Evening Feeling?

It strikes on Sunday between 5pm and 7:30pm, it sends butterflies to your tummy, you’re unsure what to do with yourself and you’re longing for daylight never to end – what are we talking about? The ‘Sunday Evening Feeling’! But, have you ever considered, what triggers these emotions? Aha, let us introduce you to The School of Life. With videos like ‘How Not to be Boring’ (game changer), ‘How, Why and When to Flirt’ (Valentine’s Day, sorted) and ‘Who Am I’ (we love a bit of self-discovery) amongst the most popular viewed on their channel – these weekly thought-provoking gems will spark new ideas and emotions you weren’t even aware of.

YouTube UK Re:View – Fit for a Queen