Go behind the screens into our audience's world. See how, why and where they're watching, the connection it sparks, and why they're more than just viewers.


How do people ‘show up’ to watch online video? YouTube’s audience come to the platform with strong intent; they want to be entertained, enlightened and educated – with confidence they can find the content they want, on-demand.

Why viewers come

Our latest research reveals that 81% agree that YouTube is the place to discover new talent or new voices, making it the highest rated media.

How they behave

When our audience arrives, 83% of YouTube viewers are fully or mostly paying attention, compared to only 53% on video across other social platforms; 70% of YouTube views are coming from mobile, while over half of YouTube smartphone watchtime in the UK occurs in full screen. Suggesting that our audience is fully tuned-in (in landscape mode), engaged and primed for action.

The connection

‘More than just viewers’ is a celebration of YouTube’s unique connection with its audience.

We went through the lens to watch how 27 viewers are making, doing, learning and loving YouTube's content. From drumming to dancing, gardening to nappy-changing, sports viewing to sign language lessons, cooking to work out videos (to work off the food you've made from the cooking videos) – there's something that everyone can relate to and connect with.

It also shows how YouTube is being consumed on the move and across every screen, and why it’s become a core part of the UK's everyday media consumption.

When there's intention, comes attention, and when there's attention, follows action – and with a fully tuned-in and mobile-immersed audience – here's why YouTube's audience is more than just viewers.

Watch the video now.

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