YouTube UK Re:View: Just Doing it. London Style.

Sarah Clark Feb 2018 Video, Content Marketing
Here’s what the UK’s loving on YouTube this week.

#1 Nike’s latest ad, offering up 3 minutes of pure London charm, brought many smiles to the YouTube office this week. A cracking conversation starter; if you live in London, it’s totally relatable, if you don’t, see it as an education. Just like one viewer commented: 'NOTHING BEATS A LONDONER, except the Central Line at 7:30am.' Again, totally relatable and an education etc... Anyway, watch 258 real life Londoners plus a brilliant bunch of cameos get competitive in all kinds of sport, along with feel-good beats from Skepta and Kurupt FM.

#2 So now we’re feeling all active, how do you feel that ‘this is the year of the quad jump’ acc. to WIRED? They examine what it takes to spin your body four times in the air in a fraction of a second. Are you ready for this? No, us neither, we’re quite happy to sit pretty and look cool in our activewear. Jokes, take a watch – there is zero activity involved, just complete viewing joy.

#3 Calling all foodies! How to do you fancy taking a peek into the world’s oldest restaurant? Yes, we thought you would. Meet Luis Javier Sànchez Alvarez, the deputy manager of Botín Restaurant. Nestled in heart of Madrid, Spain, the restaurant was founded in 1725 and its oven has been continuously sizzling for the past 293 years, never to be extinguished. Woah.

#4 Meanwhile, across the pond, Jimmy Fallon and Paul Rudd have a parody on their hands – in the form of Go West’s classic: ‘King of Wishful Thinking’. We’re not sure what we’re loving most; the iconic resemblance, a throwback to 1990 or the fact we’re now going to have to watch Pretty Woman this weekend. Either way, our ship is certainly not sinking.

#5 It’s officially fashion week season and what better way to mark it, than join Donatella Versace in her Milan home for a dose of Vogue’s signature ‘73 questions’? She reveals what she’s most excited about (Jimmy Fallon’s parody?), the most overused word in fashion right now (go on, take a guess) and who she’d most like to have a coffee with.

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London Fashion Week (LFW) kicked off yesterday and with the British Fashion Council (BFC) channel, you can keep up with the 'fash pack' from wherever you are in the world. The BFC gives you insider access to need-to-know British designers (the classics we already know and love plus hot new talent), prestigious events (Fashion Weeks and The Fashion Awards), the latest digital innovations (#WeWearCulture) and their mission to make the industry inclusive for all (Positive Fashion). Sound good? Let’s head to the FROW... watch highlights from LFW Men’s; a little snapshot of what to look forward to this weekend. Donatella would definitely approve.

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