Revealing intents, needs and questions, Google Search gives planners a powerful tool.

March 2016

Download the tutorial PDF here.

Worldwide, there are billions of searches made through Google every month. These searches form an insight-packed and constantly-changing database of intentions; giving planners a clear picture of people's needs, interests and questions at any given time in real time.

From "what is love" to "how to beatbox"people turn to Search to answer life's biggest questions, settle arguments, compensate for forgetfulness and soothe their concerns. In any one day, Search can act as someone's doctor, teacher, personal shopper and much more. As a result, it can take you closer to your customers and help you answer their needs.

You can discover the search terms that people are using, the factors affecting interest levels and the cultural differences between countries. All of this helps you craft the right message and get your timings right.

And you can use Search to track interest in your brand or products and to assess the impact of your media activity.

To give your customers what they want, when they want it, explore Search now.