This success story shows how the global beauty products manufacturer Coty collaborated with YouTube content creators to launch leading brands (Marc Jacobs, Rimmel and the Katy Perry fragrance), creating a huge level of deep engagement and interaction with over 1 million views and thousands of comments.


  • Reach and connect with their target audience
  • Make the launch of their biggest beauty products more creative and innovative


  • For Marc Jacobs YouTube influencers 'tagged' each other prompting them to create similarly themed videos
  • Partnered with YouTube creators to produce original content to give a credible, authentic voice
  • Promoted content with paid (TrueView), owned and earned media to amplify and extend the reach


  • Over 1M views
  • Over 4,000 comments
  • 8,440 hours of exposure for the Marc Jacobs brands
November 2014