Jubii is a publisher and media network that covers over 60% of the Danish internet population. The company wanted to monetise both premium and low value space in the most efficient way possible to foster further growth. A combination of direct and programmatic sales has seen an increase not only of the eCPM but also the fill rate for inventory across its portfolio. DoubleClick platforms have been instrumental in enabling this transformation.


  • Drive up eCPM, even on low-value inventory
  • Gain access to broad audience of media buyers


  • Integrated with DoubleClick AdExchange
  • Employed a combination of programmatic and direct sales
  • Flexibly prioritised programmatic over direct sales to meet eCPM goals


  • Increased fill rate to 95%
  • Produced uplift in eCPM of more than 100%
July 2015
Programmatic-and especially AdX-have really changed our company.

-Henrik Pitzner Liljegren, COO, iJubii