Once a traditional print publishing house, G+J decided to offer its content online for free and use digital advertising as a revenue stream. Adopting dynamic allocation using DoubleClick for Publishers and DoubleClick Ad Exchange meant that G+J could integrate direct and programmatic sales across all of its inventory and gain system-wide visibility through a single interface. Today G+J is one of the pioneers in the German digital market.


  • Offer content from portfolio of print publications online for free
  • Finance approach through sale of online advertising
  • Integrate direct sales and programmatic sales together in a single system


  • Adopted dynamic allocation with DoubleClick Ad Exchange and DoubleClick for Publishers across entire inventory
  • Embraced open auction, private auction, preferred deals and programmatic guaranteed
  • Optimised whole mobile setup and inventory


  • Doubled revenue from programmatic advertising using DoubleClick Ad Exchange
  • Achieved tenfold growth in mobile revenue
  • Consolidated systems into single login and interface
March 2016


Every publisher needs a strong setup for programmatic with strong partners to be successful in the future.

— Stefan Schumacher, Executive Director of Digital Solutions, G+J