is Germany's largest Q&A website. The company's business model includes advertising on the site to generate revenue. When Google Analytics demonstrated that 40% of visitors were coming to the site from smartphones and tablets, quickly realised the opportunity to monetise mobile traffic, boost revenue and provide an exceptional user experience through relevant, appealing ads.


  • Grow revenue from mobile traffic
  • Deliver great user experience
  • Show users the right ad in the right time and place


  • Used Google Analytics to understand and measure behaviour by device
  • Implemented style frame ads throughout site
  • Increased spacing between ads


  • Increased revenue from mobile ads from 6% to 40%
  • Improved eCPM threefold within one week of implementing new style frame ads
  • Grew total revenue by 50% with fewer ads on site
  • Increasing space between ads by one pixel boosted revenue by up to 15%
July 2015
In the past year we've seen an increase in mobile traffic by a factor of one and a half. This is definitely an exciting opportunity for us.

Dr Franz Graf, Senior Data Scientist,