• Positively shift brand perception
  • Present a more human face as a company


  • Created video ads highlighting research and humanitarian efforts
  • Optimised budget towards best performing audience segments
  • Used DoubleClick’s Programmatic Guaranteed to buy video inventory on premium sites


  • 65.6% view-through rate
  • £0.03 cost per view 8 million completed views
  • 82% completion rate
  • Significant shift in brand perception
March 2016

GSK Expands Impact of Video Ads on Premium Sites with DoubleClick

GSK wanted to use paid media for the first time to give the British multinational pharmaceutical company a more human face and let people see what goes on behind the scenes. With that in mind, GSK worked with MediaCom to create a campaign highlighting their partnership with Save The Children and underlining their investment into groundbreaking research that’s helping save people’s lives. In telling this very human story, the campaign used video to effectively deliver a highly emotive impact.

When it came to expanding that impact across audiences, GSK and MediaCom turned to DoubleClick’s brand-new video technology Programmatic Guaranteed to buy video ad inventory on premium websites. As a feature of DoubleClick Bid Manager, this approach allowed GSK to guarantee delivery, buy inventory that otherwise would have been sold upfront and access the most premium impressions through directly integrations with publishers of sites such as MailOnline and the Telegraph. By combining reservation and programmatic buying in one place, GSK improved reporting capabilities and boosted efficiency.

Using DoubleClick Programmatic Guaranteed meant that MediaCom could look at key audience insights and action those insights at the click of a button, then optimise budget towards the best performing audience segments. As a result, GSK achieved a view-through rate of 65.6% at a cost per view of £0.03. The campaign resulted in 8 million completed views and an 82% completion rate. Importantly, the campaign produced a significant shift in brand perception among relevant, engaged audiences.

Through Programmatic Guaranteed we were able to look at key audience insights as well as action those insights by the click of a button and then optimise budget towards the best performing audience segments.

- Tom Kelly, Programmatic Director, MediaCom