MATCHESFASHION.COM used Google's free tools, including Global Market Finder and Consumer Barometer, to help plan expansion abroad. The analysis helped prioritise markets to run customised AdWord campaigns. Product Listing Ads effectively conveyed the quality of the luxury items helping drive international conversions. All optimised with the help of Google Analytics. The result has been quick and successful expansion online with customers in 190 international markets and 70% of all sales now coming from outside of the UK.


  • Expand into international markets
  • Communicate a luxury experience with global customers


  • Used Google Global Market Finder and Consumer Barometer to help plan international expansion
  • Conveyed a luxury experience through Product Listing Ads
  • Optimised campaigns with Google Analytics
  • Tailored AdWords campaigns to individual Countries and Cities


  • 70% of business now outside of UK
  • Doing business in 190 markets worldwide
December 2014