For over 14 years, Italian weather website iLMeteo has provided users with highly accurate forecasts, and today it attracts over 32 million visitors a month. Consumers can access iLMeteo content though the website, mobile apps and videos. The company derives revenue from advertising, so monetising its web properties for users on all devices is a key focus. DoubleClick tools have been instrumental in helping iLMeteo achieve success.


  • Use all available channels to grow revenue
  • Expand internationally


  • Embraced programmatic techniques
  • Introduced private auctions
  • Monetised video content through pre-roll advertising


  • 50% of advertising revenue now comes from mobile market
  • Private auctions went from 5% of sales to 35%
  • Improved monthly revenue by more than 60% within a year
July 2015
As a result of the adoption of DoubleClick we've grown by almost 100%.

- Tiziano Gianese, CFO,