Fashion retailer MandM Direct use Google Display Network’s [GDN] Dynamic Remarketing to boost retention and show potential customers exactly what they’re missing out on

May 2017

As one of the UK’s largest online fashion retailers, MandM Direct know the importance of fostering long-term relationships with their customers. So, starting in 2015, the brand sought to evolve their marketing strategy by looking for ways to increase the effectiveness of their remarketing campaigns. “We wanted to gain more control of our remarketing,” explains Phil Twigg, Digital Marketing Manager at MandM Direct, “and our Google account team showed us how Dynamic Remarketing could help us do that.”

Dynamic Remarketing allows businesses to enhance traditional remarketing by tailoring creative with product information and messaging drawn from a visitor’s previous activity on their website. By pairing product feeds with dynamic ads, Dynamic Remarketing campaigns can scale to cover a retailer’s full inventory, with layouts and product mix optimised algorithmically for maximum impact. Coupled with intelligent bid optimisation, such as Enhanced CPC and Conversion Optimiser, this approach ensures that advertisers are able to efficiently reconnect with consumers who have previously expressed an interest in their products and services.

Implementation of Dynamic Remarketing involves three simple stages, with site owners first uploading a product feed, adding a custom tag to their pages, and then creating dynamic ads in a variety of formats. As MandM Direct already used Google Analytics 360, they were also able to define their own audience segments, offering even greater granularity of targeting. “Setting up Dynamic Remarketing went smoothly,” observes Phil Twigg. “The main challenge for us was in deciding which audience sets to go after, which is something we’re constantly working on to drive better performance.”


The Results

After trialing Dynamic Remarketing in the UK, in 2016 MandM Direct expanded the approach to their international campaigns. “We’ve just celebrated our best ever Christmas,” says Phil Twigg, “and this was in part due to the success of our remarketing strategy.” Having observed some strong results, Dynamic Remarketing is now an integral part of MandM Direct’s retention plan, with the next phase in development being to fully integrate the brand’s customer database to refine messaging and promotion even further.

“The success of remarketing has given the business more faith in display as a channel,” says Phil Twigg, reflecting on the wider impact of the Dynamic Remarketing campaigns. “Google is crucial at driving traffic to our website through a blend of search, shopping and display. For us, this now opens up the possibility of running more prospecting campaigns in the future.”