The combined power of myThings' sophisticated retargeting strategies and the enhanced, real-time data from Google's AdX marketplace have proven a potent blend. myThings' and Google's server-to-server integration allows for uniquely accurate bidding information for individual impressions. Thanks to these advanced capabilities, myThings now boasts CTRs six times higher than with regular display ads.


  • Deliver excellent conversion rates on uniquely tailored display ads, micro-optimised in real-time to each prospect
  • Provide advertisers with higher accuracy bids and increased campaign performance
  • Achieve greater scalability, traffic and reach


  • Adopted DoubleClick Ad Exchange (ADX) for RTB
  • Integrated Ad Exchange’s RTB API with myThings’ platform
  • Went live with RTB September 2010


  • Click-through rates six times higher than regular display banners
  • Higher online revenues with return conversion rates of over 150%
  • Increased campaign traffic volume and reach
  • Greater scalability and immediate media presence in new and important markets
December 2011