How DoubleClick allowed ŠKODA to build a more relevant and engaging online customer experience with targeted creative


  • Build audience segments to allow more targeted online advertising
  • Use DoubleClick Rich Media Dynamic Ads to drive better experience for consumers through increased creative relevancy
  • Effective management of data to streamline targeting


  • Use of DoubleClick including DCM, DRM and DS based on a single cookie
  • Extensive and intelligent use of data analytics to analyse, define and continuously improve campaign KPIs
  • Dynamic Ads within DoubleClick Rich Media solution means increased relevancy for each user


  • 53% increase in conversion-rate Cost-per-Lead
  • 9x cheaper than average performance campaigns
  • Higher relevancy and better user interaction through audience targeting and cheaper lead generation
January 2016


Our aim is to create advertising that is as relevant as possible for the user. With this campaign we've retargeted users based on behavior, with dynamic and automised ads. It was a totally different creative approach, because we were able to create really personalised ads.