Classified marketplace Dubizzle relies on display advertising as a key revenue stream. Since adopting programmatic in 2013 to keep ahead of the competition, its revenues have steadily increased. By building relationships with agency trading desks such as Vivaki’s AOD, Dubizzle delivers a highly targeted audience to advertisers through a private marketplace, sells its inventory more profitably and enables advertisers to achieve better results.


  • Increase sell-through rate without devaluing inventory
  • Leverage decision-making capabilities of programmatic technology to maximise ROI
  • Understand buyer demand to generate higher revenues


  • Used DoubleClick for Publishers and DoubleClick Ad Exchange
  • Built relationships with agency trading desks to better understand their needs
  • Created highly targeted audience segments using DFP Audience tool


  • Increased revenue by 450% since 2013
  • Executed over 50 deals and generated business with new advertisers
  • Private marketplace deals now account for 22% of revenue
July 2015
The combination of direct sales and programmatic's automated marketplace creates a greater opportunity than either method on its own.

- Andrew Murgatroyd, CFO, Dubizzle