We live in a constantly connected world and understanding user behavior across devices can be challenging. ProTrainings devised a smart yet simple cross-device attribution strategy. It helped them to understand the user's journey across devices and attribute it to the right channel.The company was thus able to attribute 12% of total sales to mobile.


  • Offered $5 discount for customers signing up from mobile devices
  • Created cross-device attribution mode


  • Cater to on-the-go users
  • Understand cross-device attribution


  • Garnered 12% of total sales from mobile devices
  • $5-off coupon increased sales initiated from mobile by 35%
  • Helped on-the-go workers stay certified in skills essential to their jobs to increase safety and potentially save lives
March 2013
Give your users a good reason to sign up from their phone and make it really quick, easy and uncluttered. Then, ask yourself: what are they doing? How are they navigating across devices? You will discover fantastic insights about your target audience.