Beyond Last Click

August 2011

Search continues to be a large part of the shopping experience. Since 70% of consumers use search to help inform purchasing decisions, we wanted to know a little more about the terms they use and when they start their research. It turns out 48% switch between brand and generic terms and a third of purchases take place more than 30 days after their first inquiry.

This paper summarises the key findings and insights from Google's research into the important area of clickstream attribution. It will give you the facts to answer key questions such as: how long is the typical path to purchase and how does search contribute to consumer decision-making?

Key findings include:

  • Research journeys are long, for example: one in three conversions occur 30 days after the online research began
  • 70% of purchasers use search at some point in their research journey
  • Search paths to purchase often include both brand and generic terms and 48% of purchasers switch between terms at some point in their journey
‘Why?’ dominated the 2020 Google Year in Search