1 Historical data ranges differ by country.
2 Minimum age of respondents: 16 years old
3 Total online and offline population
4 Internet users (accessing via computer, tablet or smartphone)
5 Audience segment definitions:
Millennials: Internet users 16-34 years old in all countries except Argentina, Brazil, China, India, South Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Philippines, Vietnam and US (18-34) and Japan (20-34)
Digital Moms: Female Internet users with children under 18 in the household who made a purchase in select categories* in the prior 3 or 12 months.
Brand Advocates : Internet users who agreed with the statement "If there is a brand I love, I tend to tell everyone about it."
How-To Video Users: Internet users who watched a how-to video in the prior week OR Internet users who used an online video to research a purchase in select categories* in the past 3 or 12 months.

*Categories include: clothing or footwear, groceries, make-up (only women), physical / digital music, hair care products, over-the-counter (OTC) medicines or vitamins, restaurant meals. Past 12-month categories includes: car insurance, cinema tickets, flight tickets (leisure), hotel stay (leisure), large home appliances, mobile phones or smartphones, TV sets, laptops & tablets, Do It Yourself (DIY) products, home furnishings, long-distance leisure ground travel, personal loan, real estate.)

** All data is from Google Consumer Barometer, 2014/2015. Data for the Consumer Barometer has been gathered by TNS, one of the world's leading market research companies, based on interviews with over 400,000 respondents across 56 countries.