Data and insight tools

March 2018

Use Google insights and perspectives to influence the creative direction of your videos. Apply meaningful data to every stage in your content-creation process. Spot opportunities, mine insights, and measure your results.

Creative Intelligence

Expand your creative intelligence with Google data and propel your campaigns forward. Learn to use tools that provide a window into a massive, unbiased audience, and spark insights that will lead to more effective videos. From real-time measurement and feedback to finding new ways to tap into cultural movements, data-driven insights can launch bigger and bolder advertising.

Customised Experiences

Tap into moments that matter—times when people need to know, go, do, or buy something and turn to the closest device. Use data to give people what they want, when they want it.1

Using sales data together with weather data, McDonald's Japan analysed in real time when and where products were selling well, and how local weather conditions affected purchase patterns. They served over 25,000 types of banner ads recommending just the right product for each viewer in that particular set of circumstances, and sent coupons along with them. The result? Coupon usage grew by 150%.*

Real-Time Storytelling

Surprise and engage your audience in real-time by establishing a connection between events on TV and other devices.


Real-Time Storytelling

Efficient Campaign Scaling

Use a data-driven system to expand your marketing activities in a cost-effective way.


Scandinavian Airlines wanted their new global marketing approach to be data-driven. They gathered data from Google Analytics 360 and combined it with DoubleClick for Search and DoubleClick Bid Manager, tools that provide a complete view of digital marketing across channels. This allowed them to deliver highly personalised messages. The result? 203% increase in revenues, 346% surge in marketing ROI, and a 78% decrease in sales costs.***

Cultural Tie-Ins

Put your ads in the spotlight by speaking to the interests of your viewers at the moments they’re most engaged. Harness the excitement around big moments in pop culture, politics, sports, tech, and more. Weave your message into the conversation.


Cultural Tie-Ins

Tailor-Made Ads

Deliver personalised messages to your audience based on historical data and live insights.


L'Oréal Germany supported the launch of the new Lancôme's skincare product range through a data-driven campaign. They used insights to define six core target groups and adapted their creative strategy accordingly. The result? 32 different messages achieved an 80% view-through rate and they received 12,000+ free sampling requests.*****


  1. Use Google data and insights to create smarter and more effective advertising campaigns.
  2. Get better results from your videos by learning to mine insights from Google data, and applying what you discover to your creation process.

Tools for Insight Mining

What’s your audience searching for? How do search trends correlate with shifts in consumer behaviour? Using Google and YouTube data tools to answer these questions can help you understand your audience’s intentions in real-time. These tools span the entire lifecycle of a campaign, from the idea phase to post-analysis. In this section, see how brands have used them to drive more effective advertising.

Think with Google

  • Explore a destination for marketers complete with Google data, insights and perspectives.
  • Browse articles to get you started on your content-creation journey, and put yourself in the right frame of mind with expert opinions and insights.
  • Visit Think with Google to get started, and see how you can use it to inform your creative development with Food Trends, Skin Care Trends, and Hair Care Trends.


  • Get real-time Google and YouTube search data.
  • Learn what people are searching for and tailor your videos to fit into existing conversations.
  • Visit Google Trends to get started.

Axe Hair saw an increase of men's hair searches on YouTube Trends. They used their knowledge of what their audience was most interested in to create the Instagroom video series.

Campbell’s Soup Co. used the Google Search Trends Tool to monitor YouTube’s most popular search categories and channels. Armed with this knowledge, they developed :06 ads that referenced these trends.

Brand Lift

  • Take a close-up look at how advertisements affect audience perception and behaviour. 
  • Get insights within a matter of days. See how your ads are impacting the metrics that matter, including lifts (as measured in surveys) in brand awareness, ad recall, consideration, favourability, purchase intent, and brand interest (as measured by organic search activity).
  • Understand whether people intend to purchase your products after seeing your video, and tweak your content to drive the kind of actions you want viewers to take.
  • Visit Brand Lift to get started.
Mondelēz produced and tested two versions of a video ad for Trident Unlimited gum. In video #1 the actor put the gum in his mouth. In video #2 he was already chewing. The verdict? Video #2 was the clear winner with 36% lift in brand awareness—5% higher than video #1.******

Google Surveys

  • Find out what people really think in a fast, easy, cost-efficient way.
  • Use near real-time insights to help you make creative decisions on the fly.
  • Unlock data that helps you understand, justify, and take advantage of new opportunities.
  • Use screening questions to survey hard-to-reach audiences and start seeing results in as little as 24 hours.
  • Visit Google Surveys to get started.
Orbitz used Google Surveys to understand the needs of their audience in near real-time, empowering them to respond quickly.
Lenovo used Google Surveys to identify and validate consumer feedback on new product features.
YouVisit used Google Surveys to validate the need to educate their consumers on VR technology.

YouTube Analytics

  • Find out more about the people who watch your videos, then use those insights to tailor your creative and promotional strategies more effectively.
  • YouTube Analytics can help you answer “who is watching” and “what are they interested in?”2
  • See who watches your videos by age, gender, and geography in the Demographics report. These breakdowns can help you make creative and marketing decisions.
  • Learn how engaged your audience is with your channel. Are they sharing and liking? See how much your viewers watch and what piques their interest within each video.3
  • Visit YouTube Analytics to get started.
VICE released their “3D Printed Guns” video as America’s gun-control debate heated up and related search terms were trending. Addressing a timely, hotly debated topic helped the video receive 73% more shares than other VICE content.*******


  1. Use YouTube data tools to take a closer look at your audience’s behaviour. Fresh insights can help steer your content-creation process.
  2. Visit Think with Google to immerse yourself in thought leadership, white papers, case studies, and more. Use Google Surveys, YouTube Analytics, Brand Lift, and Trends to put data to work for you.

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