Effectiveness Now e-book: Learning from the marketers delivering growth

Gill Whitehead, Gerald Breatnach / October 2018

Google UK’s Gill Whitehead presents our latest e-book for marketers – packed with inspiration, success stories and frameworks to help you drive effectiveness, growth and results for your business.

Two years ago I left the UK TV industry to join Google. I believed then that we were on the cusp of something new and exciting, where insight and data-driven decisions could impact not only marketing but all teams that touch the consumer. Having seen the results being delivered this year in measurement and effectiveness in particular, I’m more convinced of this than ever.

During 2018 two things have struck me. First, when it comes to realising the benefits of a data-driven approach, the differences within industries are more pronounced than those between industries. This highlights the major role marketing leadership plays in driving capability change.

Second, where marketing experiments are being used, they are revealing significant opportunities, suggesting that existing decision-making frameworks are suboptimal, and that a scientific ‘test and learn’ approach can deliver incremental growth while minimising risk.

We will cover both these themes in this e-book, using success stories that we think are best-in-class to illustrate the progress being made. The stories from Shell, MandM Direct, Waitrose, MoneySuperMarket, 20th Century Fox and Smart Energy GB with AMV BBDO, are designed to provide inspiration for marketers on their own journey.

Download this e-book to learn how to:

#1: Lay strong foundations

Measuring effectiveness relies on strong data foundations. When it comes to data-driven marketing, there is a 13% difference in efficiency and a 16% difference in topline revenue between the most and least advanced businesses. Here we outline the technical and organisational enablers to establish data-driven marketing capabilities.

#2: Plan to measure

Econometrics and attribution modelling are great tools for understanding effectiveness. However, the leading marketers are also building controlled experiments into marketing plans to answer previously unanswered questions. As well as looking at examples where experiments have informed media strategy, we examine how experiments are helping drive creative effectiveness.


Leading marketers are establishing the capabilities for data-driven decision-making, and using controlled experiments to test and learn. We want to partner with the industry to help all marketers achieve these goals, as well as establishing a shared learning agenda that looks to the future.

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