Programmatic Marketing Panel: Data, Relationships, Structure and Next Steps

September 2014

The panel discussion in these videos covers the finer points of tapping the full potential of programmatic including how to use data effectively, how company structures need to adjust, what role programmatic plays in customer relationship building, and the essential next steps to getting your own programmatic marketing strategy started. Panel: Kristi Rogers, BCG; Alison Thorburn, Head of Search BT; Louisa Wong, General Manager, Amnet EMEA; and Hamid Habib, Managing Partner Strategy, OMD.

According to our panellists, a big challenge is how to get the most out of the data you've got. Many businesses now use their data opportunistically, but this ad hoc approach misses the much bigger opportunity to strategically join bodies of data together and get these rich resources interacting in real time.

Programmatic's role in relationship building generated debate in our panel, with Hamid Habib of OMD maintaining that the potential would grow when programmatic buying techniques expanded from digital to other channels. Louisa Wong of Amnet stressed that programmatic isn't just about buying media but offers a valuable chance to listen to your consumers, too.

Opinions about how business structures need to change in order for programmatic marketing to really work were aligned among our panellists. The key message? Brands, agencies and advertisers need to start breaking down silos internally and tackling fragmentation across their processes, structures and people.

Finally, we asked our speakers to reveal the first steps businesses can take to get started in the programmatic space. They advised tackling fragmentation, upskilling your staff and embarking on testing now.

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