How to produce a virtual event: Download your guide for tips on platforms, design, content and engagement

April 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has companies of all sorts rethinking their live events strategy. Virtual events are a great back-up option, but there will be different implications worth considering from setting your approach and choosing platforms to designing your set and building in opportunities for engagement.

If you’re looking to pivot a live event to a digital one, check out this primer from Google’s own events and experience marketing team.

This guide covers three areas:

  1. Tips on the approach and platforms to use to bring your event to life online.
  2. What design and set up to think about and how to bring your brand into the digital space most effectively.
  3. Ideas to help keep viewers engaged, including content structure, breakouts and Q&A sessions in the interactivity and engagement section.
Inside Google Marketing: 3 things we’re considering as we rethink live events