Building Unified Cross-Channel Digital Experiences through Programmatic

June 2015

When programmatic buying is run on an integrated technology platform, it can deliver brand messaging even more efficiently and effectively to audiences across channels and devices. Integrated technology considerably enhances the value of audience insights and creative ads by helping brands evaluate, purchase, activate and measure media on a global scale in real time.

By working with a platform that unifies digital marketing efforts, it becomes easier for brands to connect with users seamlessly across channels whilst optimising their media mix. Integrated technology enables digital media to be bought, optimised and measured across all channels including search, display, mobile and video. What's more, it helps brands make better decisions by providing a unified view of audience engagement across these channels.

This approach makes the most of digital investments by getting them to work together towards more complete audience insights and better brand results. Critically, a unified platform enables more efficient use of marketing resources. Here are three areas where there are possible operational gains to be made by adopting an integrated platform.

Tackle technology silos to maximise success

Brands have an abundance of digital marketing solutions to choose from. According to a survey by Illuminas Research, the average number of ad technology platforms deployed by organisations grew to 4.7 in 2013. For many, spreading efforts across multiple platforms leads to waste.

  • Our Recommendation: Identify a preferred partner for programmatic buying. An integrated approach enables brands to run relevant, compelling creative in real time, while deriving maximum value for each marketing dollar. Start by identifying a preferred programmatic partner who can scale globally across all media channels and business units to provide a single source of truth for digital marketing.

Adopt integrated technology to streamline efforts

Integrated technology makes processes quicker and easier for marketing teams and provides a unified view of audience engagement. The Boston Consulting Group found that advertising agencies suffer more than 25 inefficiencies and pain points in the management of digital advertising campaigns. The study also found that a unified platform can greatly improve workflow efficiencies — by up to 33% — making campaign management much more successful.

  • Our Recommendation: Integrate programmatic buying into broader efforts. Unifying marketing efforts starts with an integrated platform that can manage programmatic buying within the broader digital context, including search, reservation display, mobile and video. And because the digital landscape is constantly evolving, choose an open and neutral platform that enables the integration of other components to address marketing needs as they evolve. Get one source for audience insights, one control centre from which to execute campaigns and unified reporting across channels, devices and formats. With this unified view, brands can unify budgets and apply insights gained from digital marketing more effectively across other product and business lines.

Global scale empowers localised operations

Brands can deploy a central integrated platform and operationalise it locally. This lets teams benefit from global commonalities, while individual teams can activate by geography, such as region or country.

  • Our Recommendation: Test and learn. Programmatic gives you the ability to try new ideas, gather feedback and quickly act on results. Try reaching audiences programmatically as if they're a global focus group, or test ideas on a small scale before going big. Use the real-time feedback loop to its maximum advantage and optimise to drive significant uplifts in results.

The bottom line? An integrated platform maximises audience insights, improves brand results and drives operational efficiency, all while helping brands tell cohesive stories that span multiple touchpoints across many channels and devices. In short, this unites a brand's efforts to win in the moments that matter.

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