Executive Digital Transformation Lab Overview

January 2019

A 2-day workshop that gives leaders the inspiration and space they need to develop clarity around their vision for their business’ transformation journey


The Executive Digital Transformation Lab is the centrepiece of Google’s leadership programme to make digital transformation accessible, actionable and human.

  • The programme equips leaders like you to support employees to drive transformation, providing the tools, processes and direction needed
  • In the 2-day Lab, you will work with the rest of your leadership team on your key challenges across the 5 transformation themes
  • You will develop a joint vision, immediate actions and a transformation narrative to start to energise your employees
  • You then have 3 months to complete Kickstart Projects, before using the learnings from these to develop a narrative about the future of your organisation 
  • Once your narrative is complete, you receive a day of first-class coaching to help you tell your new story with confidence, clarity and charisma

After the Lab you’ll be able to:

  • Start the digital transformation journey that your business needs
  • Begin your 4 Kickstart Projects to start tackling transformation issues
  • Feel more comfortable with uncertainty and the inevitable failures you will experience on the journey
  • Know the levels of commitment, perspiration and inspiration that go into creating true transformation
"As a leader, you don’t have to be a tech expert or futurist to lead digital transformation – but you do need passion. You need to have the capability to win people over to the challenge you’re trying to crack and go the extra mile in the short term to win the potential reward in the long term. True success takes the type of person who feels energy drain away if everything stays the same, but gets energy from going through the ride of transformation."

Joris Merks-Benjaminsen, Head of Programmes, Google Digital Academy

You’ll come away with:

  • A set of agreed Kickstart Projects to run which will generate the knowledge you need to create an inspirational transformation narrative
  • A vision on how those experiments amount to transformation milestones
  • A leadership story that engages the people working for you
  • An understanding of what a transformation partnership with Google could look like
  • Frameworks, processes and exercises to unlock a more transformative way of working

Kickstart Projects

By the end of the 2 days, you will have identified 4 experiments you can get started on right away. There will be 1 project for each of the following pillars of transformation:

1. Customer Centricity

2. Technology, Data and Automation

3. Culture of Innovation

4. People Operations

The fifth pillar, Vision and Leadership, is an ongoing project applied to all Kickstart Projects.

These projects are not about short-term ROI, they are about discovering business transformation opportunities for the long-term. The currency for these projects is ‘learning’ rather than €s, £s, or $s.

Kickstart Projects are inexpensive, carried out quickly and quietly by small teams and get from brief to result really quickly – in 3 months max.

Types of project vary widely depending on the business. Examples include:

  • Culture of Innovation: Setting up a platform where employees nominate colleagues for a financial reward for collaborating on silo-busting projects
  • Technology, Data and Automation: Using Cloud Vision APIs to run a machine learning experiment to identify faulty components in one part of a single automotive factory.
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