How Net Media Planet expanded to selling Display

September 2014

Using DoubleClick Search, Net Media Planet streamlined its operations, and increased search performance for its clients. But most importantly, being a part of a unified platform, it enabled the agency to expand its offering to programmatic display too: Display now accounts for 20% of Net Media Planet's revenues, and projections for future growth account for a 70% YoY.


One search management tool across all accounts

Bid strategies to optimise search accounts

Leverage advanced display targeting techniques for clients


Maximise operational efficiencies for the agency

Maximise performance

Expand offering beyond search advertising


Streamlined agency operations with one tool across all clients

+35% clicks/month, and +20% additional revenue for Chain Reaction Cycles

Display now 20% of Net Media Planet's total revenues, with a 70% YoY growth projection



Net Media Planet is a specialist in paid search and display advertising, with a proven record in search advertising. They currently are an established agency, helping clients internationally across over 90 countries and 55 languages. But they were not always at that level: "Growing a search management agency can be challenging, being a very saturated sector, standing out is hard", notes Luke Judge, Sales and Marketing Director for Net Media Planet.

Streamlining operations

Sri Sharma, Founder and CEO of Net Media Planet notes that the having a search management tool "has helped us in a number of ways to drive our business objectives. We've become effective in how we streamline our operations". Having one tool across all accounts, allows people to really become experts and get the most out of it. Joe Comotto, Head of Search, elaborates: "Having all of the data in one place means that the guys can focus and identify opportunities in the data and really drive performance for our clients".

Driving search performance

Chain Reaction Cycles is an example of an account that benefited from DoubleClick Search's performance enhancements. Originally founded in Belfast, they are now the world's largest online bike retailer. "It's a global account which is very important to the business.", says Damien Bennett, who is leading the account from the agency side. Results have been very positive: Net Media Planet managed to drive 20% additional revenue, and 35% on the number of clicks on a monthly basis for Chain Reaction Cycles.

Accessing new revenue streams

Getting better performance in search is only part of the picture: "Working with a search management platform allows us to drive very high performing campaigns for our clients, which allows us to build on trust, and this trust allows us to unlock new opportunities through cross sell and upsell", explains Andrew Harkness, Operations Director for Net Media Planet. DoubleClick Search, being part of a unified platform, allows to them to buy programmatic display for their clients too.

Display now accounts for 20% of Net Media Planet's revenues, and projections for future growth are more than positive: "We expect this to grow 70% year on year for the next 2-3 years", says Luke. With such growth, Sri Sharma, founder and CEO of the business, can only be positive for the years to come: "The DoubleClick approach has been about building a leading technology and constantly looking to improve on it. And that approach is one we strive to achieve as a business. So there is a real synergy and fit between the 2 mindsets. So, I am really inspired for the future of our business but I am really inspired about the collaboration with DoubleClick."

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