Turkish News Brand Milliyet Creates New Revenue Stream with DoubleClick

July 2015

Milliyet is a leading Turkish news provider that sells 260,000 print copies daily and attracts over 3 million unique users to its online properties every day.¥_ In recent years it has seen both users and ad spend switch to digital. In this context, online monetisation is a critical area of focus. As a way of driving return on investment for its advertising clients, Milliyet turned to the powerful features of DoubleClick for Publishers Premium.


Adopted DoubleClick for Publishers

Created audience segments to extend product offering

Offered city-level targeting, facilitating digital sales on a local level


Monetise growth in traffic from digital devices

Deliver better return on investment to advertising clients

Build differentiated products in a competitve marketplace


Improved local sales' contribution to digital revenue from 0% to 10%

Gained competitive advantage through ability to offer combined digital and print revenue to local advertisers

Milliyet's partnership with DoubleClick for Publishers has both sped up our work and nurtured trust from the market.


- Yakup Erdoğan, VP of Digital Sales, Milliyet

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