e-Travel simplifies campaign management and increases conversion rate by 32% with enhanced campaigns

June 2013

e-Travel is a leading online travel agent in Russia, Greece, Cyprus, Romania, Bulgaria and has a presence in over 14 markets in central and south eastern Europe. Upgrading to enhanced campaigns helped e-travel to simplify campaign management and to significantly improve performance: by setting contextual bid adjustments, implementing ad-group-specific sitelinks and mobile app extensions, the travel agent increased its click-through rate by 43% and its conversion rate by 32%.


Merged campaigns through enhanced campaigns

Contextual bid adjustments based on performance data

Ad-group-specific sitelinks and mobile app extensions


Increase presence across multiple devices

Target customers at all stages of the booking journey


Simpler, more efficient campaign management

43% increase in click-through rate, 32% increase in conversion rate

Better understanding of customer behaviors across devices



e-Travel is a leading online travel agent in Russia, Greece, Cyprus, Romania and Bulgaria, and has a presence in over 14 markets, covering central and south-eastern Europe. Based in Athens, and founded in 2005, the company's sites include www.trip.ru, www.pamediakopes.gr, www.avion.ro and www.airtickets24.com. e-Travel allows customers to plan and book their own trips abroad, including flights, hotels, car rentals, ferry crossings and travel insurance, and its main customer base is aged between 20 and 44.

A Google AdWords user since 2007, the company upgraded to enhanced campaigns to increase its presence and improve targeting across multiple devices. "As an online travel agent, we need to ensure we target our customers effectively, regardless of the device they are using," explains Vasilis Katsikadis, search engine marketing executive for Europe. "Enhanced campaigns is helping us strengthen our presence on mobile, so we can reach out to potential customers much earlier on the path to booking a trip."

Reaching the mobile customer

With enhanced campaigns, and its integrated approach to campaign management, e-Travel has an efficient and effective solution to advertising in the multi-screen world. "I used to manage several campaigns, each targeting different devices," explains Vasilis. "With enhanced campaigns I can do everything in less time and within one single campaign, which helps us better understand customer behaviour on different devices." Svetlana Soboleva, search engine marketing executive for Russia and Eastern Europe, agrees: "I used to manage seven different campaigns for different markets — now I manage one.

Better metrics, better performance

Enhanced campaign's advanced reporting gives e-Travel a clearer view of overall campaign performance, and the simpler functionalities allow for much more effective campaign optimization. "It's easier to see and compare how different devices are performing and adjust bids accordingly," explains Svetlana. Contextual bid adjustments can now be made for device, location and time of day based on actual performance data. Enhanced reporting is also helping e-Travel measure the impact of app extensions. "We can now count app downloads as conversions in AdWords reports, which is important for us because so many of our new customer leads come from our mobile app," says Svetlana.

I used to manage several campaigns, each targeting different devices. With enhanced campaigns I can do everything in less time and within one single campaign.

This led to a boost in ad performance. Since moving to enhanced campaigns, the company has seen a 43% increase in click-through rate and a 32% increase in conversion rate. "Since I added specific ad group sitelinks, my ads automatically became more targeted, which resulted in more visits and sales at the same time," explains Vasilis. Enhanced campaigns has also given the company a better overview of sitelink performance. "Before enhanced campaigns we didn't know which of our sitelinks were getting the most impressions or the most conversions," explains Svetlana. "Now we can see our highest performing sitelinks, so we know which landing pages our customers react best to."

The future

Enhanced campaigns is inspiring e-Travel to move towards a more multi-screen future. "People use devices differently — whether they are researching destinations or booking a flight. Our goal is to be able to communicate with customers at all the stages of the journey," says Vasilis. A big part of achieving this is to have a web presence optimized to suit different devices, and e-Travel is working towards a more customized presence for multiple screens.

"When it comes to multi-screen marketing you just have to give it a go," says Svetlana. "Until you try you won't know how your customers' behaviors change on different devices. We recommend making the upgrade to enhanced campaigns as early as possible — that way you have more time to adapt!"

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