Google sessions at Advertising Week Europe 2017

February 2017

Check out the talks below that Google will host during Advertising Week Europe 2017. Join us in London from 20–24 March.

Monday, 20th March
Building Brands in an Attention Economy

Time: 11:15 am

Speakers: Matt Brittin, President of EMEA Business & Operations at Google and Keith Weed, CMO at Unilever

Overview: Across every screen consumers are increasingly in control, curating both their content and advertising experience; marketers must vie not just to reach their audience but capture their attention. Join Unilever CMO Keith Weed and President for Google EMEA Matt Brittin to explore the opportunities (and challenges) of marketing in a world where attention is everything.


Tuesday, 21st March
"Ok Google, What's Next?" - Dawn of The Age of Assistance

Time: 11:15 am

Speakers: Matt Bush, Director of Agencies Google UK; Behshad Behzadi, Distinguished Engineer at Google Zurich; Kate Russell, English technology reporter; Tracey Follows, Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer at The Future Laboratory; John Veichmanis, SVP Online Marketing at Farfetch.

Overview: People are more curious than ever and we increasingly interact with our world via myriad technologies, especially mobile. Search is moving from keyboard and touch screen keywords to voice search-enabled conversations with our phones - an ‘always-on’ machine learning-powered assistant. In the process, our relationship with tech is becoming ever more personal and intimate.

Today, we’re almost as likely to ask fundamental human questions like "OK Google, what’s the meaning of love?" as we are to request help for queries like: "OK Google, where’s the nearest Vietnamese street food restaurant?”

In this brave new world, brands that can predict our needs and assist in realising our dreams will have a huge advantage. But CMOs are attempting to keep up with this transformation of search into an always-on assistant.

Find out what this shift in search means for brands and consumers with an expert panel of journalists, researchers and marketers.


Wednesday, 22nd March
Bossin' It: Get Gaming or Get Played

Time: 11:15 am

Speakers: Rick Edwards, English television presenter; Kieran Long, Keeper of the Department of Design, Architecture and Digital, Victoria and Albert Museum; Dr. Jo Twist, CEO Chief Executive Officer at UKIE - The Association for UK Interactive Entertainment.

Overview: Believing video games are just for geeks is a cliché that’s decades past its sell-by-date. Video gaming is a big business. The industry makes more money than Hollywood and recorded music combined and today, it’s a driving force behind mainstream fashion, film, music, celebrity, and sport. YouTube plays a fundamental role in this gaming ecosystem, giving players their fixes, launching new careers, and helping brands stay relevant. In the battle for audiences attention, understanding the world of gaming is a must for marketers that want to level up.


Wednesday, 22nd March
The Power of Visibility: Equality in the Age of YouTube

Time: 1:15 pm

Speakers: Nick Farnhill, The Lovie Awards Chair and Co-Founder, POKE London; Rose Ellen Dix and Rosie Spaughton, Lovie Creators for Change.

Overview: One of the most powerful tools we have in protecting marginalised communities and promoting equality for all is visibility and representation.

That’s what makes the work of Rose Ellen Dix and Rosie Spaughton (known to their massive YouTube fan base as “Rose and Rosie”) so integral to the LGBTQ community, and to social change agents at large. Through humor-infused dialogue around LGBTQ issues, Rose and Rosie share nearly everything about their life together, demonstrating the crucial role honesty and open-mindedness play in spreading a far-reaching message of equality. Together they are fearless in discussing oft-difficult subjects—from sexuality to discrimination and more—and it’s this unabashed liberal attitude, openness and visibility that engages their massive online audience, helping people to embrace themselves and others for who they are.

In this session, Rose and Rosie will discuss what works—and what doesn’t—when it comes to communicating a positive social message through video. They will share their experience of having to balance entertainment value with an overarching goal of promoting equality, and what they’ve learned in doing this for an ever-growing global audience.

This fireside chat will be hosted by The Lovie Awards – the only awards organisation that honours the entire spectrum of the European Internet. In 2016, Rose and Rosie were the inaugural recipients of the Lovie Creators for Change Award, developed in partnership with the YouTube Creators for Change Programme. The award honours creators who use the global power of online video to combat misunderstanding, fear and intolerance on the Internet.

Thursday, 23th March
The Sweet Science of Data That Packs a Punch

Time: 1:15 pm

Speakers: Paul Coffey, Director, Platforms & Display, Go To Market EMEA Google and Jayne Potter, Group Marketing Manager, Media & Programmatic, Northern Europe, ‎Johnson & Johnson

Overview: Brands are racing to better understand the customer journey and make a lasting impression. More data means more opportunities. And in a time where we have greater access to data, what can you do with it to remain competitive and stand out?

Join Google’s EMEA Director of Platforms and Display, Paul Coffey to uncover how you can use data to transform your marketing strategy and remain competitive. Followed by a fireside chat with Johnson & Johnson's Jayne Potter to hear about some of the innovative strides they have been making.

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