Letter from the Editor: Introduction

Miguel Avalos / December 2017

Welcome to the first edition of Think with Google - Quarterly, our Digital Marketing magazine!

We’ll be bringing out a new edition every four months, and aim to be a dependable guide for all businesses in the UK making the journey towards a comprehensive online presence.

Digital Marketing is all about finding your customers and allowing them to find you. With the cost of devices and the price of internet connections falling, consumer behaviour is changing, and people are spending more and more time on their phones, laptops and tablets. Businesses need their presence across all of these channels to be stronger than ever.

Most companies now recognise the importance of going digital, but many still struggle to understand what that exactly means. And where it fit in their strategies. If you feel like that, good news is that you aren’t alone. I’ve seen this across companies in my previous experience in Asia Pacific, America, and across Europe.

In reality, digital isn’t so much a place to go as a new way to get things done - both for businesses and consumers. With the right technology and marketing, you can offer customers the best possible experience in engaging with your business and hopefully purchasing your products and services.

In the UK, digital is already a way of life for most people. Our research shows that 92% of Brits use mobile devices to get online, while 73% use a PC. Phones are a particularly useful resource when we want to know something in the moment, and 84% of Brits told us that they head online when they want information. This represents a huge opportunity for businesses - especially with the immediacy of mobile - so in this first edition of Go Digital, we’re going to be focusing not just on why businesses should be taking advantage of digital, but also how specifically they can jump onboard with the mobile revolution as well.

Here at Google we want to help connect businesses with their customers. In this issue we’ll cover everything you need to know to get you started on your digital journey.

This issue includes:

  • Top tips from the Internet Advertising Bureau on how to go Digital – and why you need to do it
  • How to write ads that really work for mobile
  • A success story from a small business using Google tools to grow internationally
  • Upcoming events with our Digital Marketing Consultants – supporting you in your first steps
Letter from the Editor: Introduction